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The purpose of your resume is show to how your past and current experience qualifies you for a job or internship. To get the best results you’ll want to tailor your resume to the qualifications of a specific job and focus on the results and outcomes of your experience.

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Resume 101 

   Action Verbs 

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Writing New Bullets: Learn how to make your experiences shine!

Resume Building Resources: Don't have enough experience to put on your resume? Here's how to build that.

Sample Resumes

Click here to view our sample resumes. 


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This article, Winning Resume Formula, is also a great guide to help you with your resume!

Cover Letters 

Cover Letters

For information on how to write a cover letter when you don't have any work experience, check out this awesome article by Forbes Magazine!

If you're looking for additional information on how to write a great cover letter, check out this article!